At the Richard Jefferies Museum

Fabiola came to Poetry Swindon Festival this October as part of her Bronze Arts Award. Here is her report: 

On Friday the 2nd of October, I went to a Poetry Festival in Old town at the Savernake Community Social Hall. I really enjoyed it, especially by the fact that there were many other poets reading their own poetry and and one other of the chosen favourites. I felt it was a good experience and also it was great as I myself love to write poetry and therefore it gave me ideas on how to develop or make them work better. The poetry that was read, delivered a great sense of emotion, meaning and thought behind the words written. Also I felt the poets were skilled in delivering their poetry to the audience present.

Talking to Andy Jackson, editor of 'Double Bill'

After the 1st half of the evening, Kei Miller spoke about his well written book expressing along the way his feelings and thoughts of his own mother and his experiences in Jamaica. I personally thought his book delivers a lot of meaning as it looks deep into his own life. As he was sharing and reading parts in his book to us, his language and speech I felt made the book more as if he was actually telling us a a story by him doing an ascent and making it much more interesting and enjoyable. 

In the front row of the poetry reading
Meeting these amazing poets and Kei Milller himself I felt very honoured go meet them as it gave me a whole new experience to talk about. I personally feel that this opportunity was great for me to relate with my bronze arts award and also with the Richard Jefferies museum.

Kei Miller talks to poet Sally Evans

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